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You can do just about anything with your imagination…

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One easy afternoon late in the summer of 1982, before the proliferation of video games and innumerable television stations, I was doing what most boys tended to do on such afternoons in remote, rural Georgia: I was playing outside with my brother. Building forts for our imaginary armies; hunting without weapons for monsters in the woods; decoding the conversations of blue jays; chasing lightnin’ bugs, or training to be baseball stars. We played until exhaustion set in…or until our mother called us inside!

The games cascade together in my memory so it’s difficult to say how much of our energy went into which pursuits. Certainly they could vary depending on the weather, the time of day, the television we’d watched or on the objects that had meandered into our possession. As with so much of my early childhood, the memories haven’t been honestly retrieved raw and true from some corner of my brain. They are comprised, I suspect, in great measure from the stories my mother told my brother and I about those early times.

True or not, my mother says that she popped out of our home that afternoon and asked us, with apparent frustration, what the heck we were doing. She had looked out the window to discover that we’d moved, from the back yard to the front, roughly two-dozen milk crates that were shut in our father’s truck. The crates were arranged in some general order, perhaps as a group of stair-steps, because my answer to her went: we’re building stairs to heaven.

Perhaps that’s really what my brother and I had convinced ourselves we were doing. Perhaps it was pulled from truck rides with our father, who was something of a Led Zeppelin fan. Perhaps it was my way of assuaging my mother’s frustration, as if I felt a religious goal might balance out the mischievousness of having taken all of the crates from our father’s truck only to make, essentially, one large mess that we would have to be badgered, then ordered, to clean. She was well aware that she would have to work as hard to get us to clean the yard as it would take for her to put the crates back in the truck alone.

Either way, it turned her attitude, and she replied, you can do just about anything with your imagination, can’t you? 

It was a rhetorical question, of course. It was her way of encouraging our creativity, even if things got a little messy sometimes. And beyond that, she was absolutely correct. No matter what tools are available, no matter the circumstance or the limitations, almost anything can be accomplished when a healthy imagination is put to work.

That’s what Milk Crate Media is about. We make our clients’ goals into our goals, then we exercise our collective creativity to produce media products that achieve those goals in impressive new ways. We didn’t have much back then. But that didn’t stop us.

Now things have changed. Now we’re working with state-of-the-art camera packages and creative systems, and we can take on projects from television specials, to films, to marketing pieces that stand out across the spectrum of new media. Script work, interviews, narrative productions, motion graphics, animation – the tools change, the goals are different, but the crucial ingredient remains the same: creativity.

Connect with us. We want to hear your story, and we want to help you tell it in a way that gets results. Let’s build together. Meet us in that proverbial front yard, where we will collaborate…we will imagine…and we will execute a plan that transforms your dreams into realities. Just like ours have been.

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