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Remote Work Image 01It was once standard practice to find the best production house in town whenever you needed to commission media. That’s no longer the case. Now you can choose the artists who fits your needs, no matter if they’re at the end of your block…or on other end of a telephone call.

We may work for a client in Washington with a writer/producer in New York, who sets up original illustrations with an artist in Tampa. Those can be delivered to an animator in Atlanta, who works daily with the producer back in New York. He or she may request a change from the producer, who covers the revision with the editor in a matter of minutes. Finishing graphics may be applied, along with audio mastering in Nashville, and the whole the finished product bounces smoothly back to Washington.

As creators in the digital age, our team members are accustomed to working remotely, and technology permits us to maintain the feel and energy regardless of our individual locations. We’ve established file delivery protocols to standardize the workflow. It’s a tight system that increases efficiency and allows for timely revisions across the creation chain. Our strength is balancing the creative minds in the team with a rigorous production flow. That’s how we maximize value for our clients.

Screen Share Image 01Communication is key to the Virtual Studio System, so we schedule frequent videoconference. These conferences are more like work sessions than meetings. We go over goals and tasks in real time, face-to-face. We’re constantly moving forward in unison to fulfill the collective vision of our producer, and our clients.

Screen-sharing software enables us to collaborate on projects as if we’re elbow-to-elbow in an edit suite, and we’ll often share screens with multiple team members throughout the day. Even clients can join in, as we open our virtual doors and share the surprisingly tactile process of digital creation.

It’s all part of our quest to build the best team, no matter where the members are located. We aren’t bound to a central brick-and-mortar location, and we pass the savings along to our clients.


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