Transcription Services

Our clients produce successful TV shows and documentaries which have aired on HBO, Netflix, PBS and VH1, The History Channel, A&E, TLC, Spike TV, Animal Planet, Discovery, HGTV, The Science Channel and VICE TV.

We have also generated transcripts and translation services for clients in fields including healthcare, food service, election policy, K-12 education, corporate training, environmental policy, and the arts. We adapt to the particular needs of each client, and measure our success by your success.

We use a two-tiered review system to achieve peak accuracy. After each transcriber completes a delivery checklist a producer reviews the checklist and the entire document. We understand the particular needs of post-producers when it comes to transcription documents, because all of our checkers are have video production experience.












Not every transcriber understands why these things are important for a production workflow. Everyone at Milk Crate does.

But you don’t just want accurate transcripts – you want accurate transcripts delivered fast. Our quick turnaround times minimize the wait between your shoot and your edit. Our goal is to help you work as seamlessly as possible during scripting and post-production. We can customize formatting for your workflow so that producers and editors can communicate efficiently.



Our team is staffed to handle a wide variety of needs, from small orders to large-scale jobs. Even under tight deadlines, we deliver clear, searchable transcriptions formatted according to your workflow.

Pricing is generally based upon the screen minutes of your files, but it’s best that you contact us for pricing and document specifics. Rush delivery and customization consultation is available. We have the solution for your transcription needs!






































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