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We specialize in creating animations that deliver a clear message to your audience, no matter how complex your subject may seem. There’s no better way to demonstrate ideas that may seem difficult or scary in a way that is clear and relatable.

Animated media frees clients from some of the limitations inherent to live-action video production. You’ll be surprised at the level of production we can achieve with resources and creativity. The perfect graphics, paired with deft storytelling, will resonate with your clients in a way that no other medium has done before. It’s a great way to get out the word about your initiative, product, program, service or campaign.

Animation styles are virtually limitless, and we’re constantly experimenting with new forms for our clients. But there are three popular animation styles that our clients ask for most frequently. Character Animation is our most popular video style, probably because it includes original drawings of individual characters. They are the “stars” of each video. Whiteboard Animation is a style of most recognizable by images of a hand, usually with a marker, as it draws characters and text on a white screen for the viewer. Finally, Motion Graphic animation is a catch-all style involving vector-based images in motion.

In addition to these broad categories of animation styles, we can work with you to create an original look that’s based around the identity of your organization. We partner with a number of artists in and out-of-house, and many of those artists offer a variety of styles. There is also the opportunity to mix animation with live-action footage for a truly fresh look. Check out some of our past work, or even other work online, and come back to us with some ideas of what you would love to see. We’re ready to show you what we can do.



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We are equipped to handle a wide range of small-to-medium production scale jobs. Our experience includes documentaries, broadcast specials, broadcasts ads, industrial videos, training, marketing, ENG, narrative short and even faux-documentary work. We can also integrate live action with animation or motion, which expands the possibilities for creatively reaching your audience.

Our philosophy on original video production is to prepare obsessively and shoot judiciously. We don’t want to exert wasted effort tracking down an elusive shot when we can construct a better shot by a process of thorough pre-production.

What we enjoy doing is hearing what it is you really want to achieve through media outreach, then collaborating on creative ways to reach that goal. Don’t think that we can’t pull off a marriage of special effects, graphics, humor and poignancy, simply because you think your scope is limited. You’ll be surprised what we can do with a bit of creativity and planning. Our pre-production saves time in post, and puts better results onscreen.

We can deliver a menu of products to use across platforms. There are new ways of reaching your audience, and mastering new mediums requires an intrepid approach. The result is more clicks, more views and more buy-in. Let’s get creative, and get concrete results.



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At some point in time the fish wants to know “what is water?” and there comes a time for many organizations when we wonder, “what are we really doing here?” While we aren’t here to dictate your mission statement, we can read it with brand-new eyes, and when you need to reach out to an audience, we can articulate it in a fresh way.

To get you to see your service differently than you’ve ever seen it – that’s what we want to do. As that vision unfolds, we will craft an identity that is unmistakably original and all your own.  Bring us a goal, bring us a problem, and we’ll find a way to get there. Whether there’s a simple solution or whether we need to create a new workflow, we’ll get there.



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We started out as journalists, and that’s probably why we believe – no matter what we accomplish with visual media – our greatest strength is our ability to tell stories. By partnering with skilled production professionals we now tell those stories in the robust way that only video can.

It’s often said that writing for screen is like writing with a 10,000 lb. pen in that prior to producing the first frame of video it’s imperative we envision exactly how the visual and auditory elements will pair with the narrative. The production process depends on that plan, and a script is always written with a plan in mind.

Our process begins as it does with all good writers – we listen. Ultimately, we serve our clients, and nobody knows what you want to say better than you do. We’re just here to help you articulate it in a new and exiting way.

Before we were animators, even before we were filmmakers, we were writers. We follow closely the guidance of our subject matter experts while doing the heavy lifting of structuring then polishing the narrative.

We research your content area in order to fully understand your mission. Our aim is to become so fluent with your message that when we go into the production room we function as an extension of your organization. We will take the time to understand the nuance of your project, and we have the ability to translate your plan into language that resonates with the audience that matters to you.

At Milk Crate, getting down your message is ALWAYS the most important part of our development process.







We have a division dedicated to transcription services. Typically, transcription services are we provide to other content producers. We use a two-tiered review system to achieve peak accuracy.

Our clients produce successful TV shows and documentaries which have transcribed have aired on HBO, Netflix, PBS and VH1, The History Channel, A&E, TLC, Spike TV, Animal Planet, Discovery, HGTV, The Science Channel and VICE TV.

Our team can handle large skill jobs. Even under tight deadlines, we deliver clear, searchable transcriptions formatted according to client needs.

It’s best that you contact us to speak with a representative for pricing and document specifics. Rush delivery and custom formatting is available.


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